Buying a house is one of the biggest leaps you’ll take in your lifetime. And financially, that leap can feel giant. But with the large sum comes a home: A place that’s all yours, a place where your hopes and dreams are finally realized, and a sense of ease no price tag can take away.

Mortgage made easy with Bungalo Mortgage

Most people don’t make the purchase without some help, either. And in most cases that help comes in the form of a mortgage loan. Mortgages are often synonymous with some headaches, though: the terms can be confusing, rates fluctuate, and some lenders even offer low interest rates to get you in the door, but make up the difference with higher fees after the fact. Kind of feels rigged, right?

At Bungalo, we want to be the guiding light along your home buying journey. That means we’re with you every step of the way, including through the mortgage process. With Bungalo Mortgage, our affiliated Mortgage company, you can secure a home loan with greater speed and ease than you ever dreamed. No more sweaty palms when signing a check, or bills that add unexplained service charges after the fact. Bungalo Mortgage embraces transparency to get you the best loan option for your budget, on your terms, in a down-to-earth language you can understand.

Ok, so how does it work? Why should I get my home loan with Bungalo Mortgage?

Bungalo Mortgage offers competitive rates and that means more dream home for your dollar. You’ll have dedicated loan specialists working with you through a concierge service to ensure you get the best possible rate and loan option for your budget.

Sounds amazing. But how is Bungalo Mortgage different from other lenders?

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get pre-approved. Bungalo Mortgage offers same day pre-approval* (7 days a week—even on the weekend!) so you can be ready to buy early.

Plus, this streamlined mortgage process allows you to easily upload documents and complete a digital application within minutes. With Bungalo Mortgage, you can fill out your loan application and upload all necessary documents digitally—avoiding countless trips to the bank.

Thank you for making this such a smooth process. You’ve been so helpful every step of the way — Crystal and Joe H., Tampa

Awesome, but this is a big purchase. I think I’d prefer to work with a person.

No problem! Throughout the process you’ll have one dedicated loan specialist at your side walking you through your options, breaking down your mortgage payment, and answering any questions that might come up

Get same day pre-approval

I’m not buying a Bungalo home. Can I still use Bungalo Mortgage?

You bet. Whatever home you choose to buy, Bungalo Mortgage helps you get there with fast and stress-free financing.

I am buying a Bungalo home! What are some perks I can expect when I use Bungalo Mortgage?

Once you’re ready to buy a Bungalo home, a Bungalo Mortgage Loan Specialist will coordinate with your agent, the listing agent, the title company,  and everyone else involved to simplify the offer and closing process. It’s all under one roof! When you finance your Bungalo home with Bungalo Mortgage, you’ll save $1,000 off of closing costs. Plus, save an extra $1,000 when you use their preferred title company. Cha-ching!

Get pre-approved as soon as today.

Get a same day pre-approval with Bungalo Mortgage, which is valid for 90 days. Learn more.


This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, real estate, insurance, or investment advice. Bungalo always encourages you to reach out to an advisor regarding your own situation.

*Same day pre-approval is contingent upon receipt of your required documents.

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