Buying a home doesn’t have to be scary.

At Bungalo, we inspect our homes from top to bottom, ensuring homeowners encounter ZERO unwanted surprises after move-in.

This October, we’ve taken our thorough home inspection process one step further… by inspecting Bungalo homes for paranormal activity.

At Bungalo, it’s our goal to give our home buyers total peace of mind. That’s why every single one of our homes undergoes a rigorous inspection process before it’s listed on our all-in-one home buying website. 

And this October we’ve added one additional measure to our usual home inspection process: a Paranormal Inspection Report. That way, anyone who buys a Bungalo home can move in knowing that they won’t run into any unwanted surprises, including… surprises of the paranormal kind.

Want to know more about the Paranormal Inspection process? Let’s break it down.

To perform the Paranormal Inspections on our homes, we brought in known experts in the paranormal sciences. Utilizing their keen insight into the paranormal world and the latest realm-to-realm communication technology, these paranormal pros have examined our homes from top to bottom for anything out of the ordinary.

The inspectors then disclose their findings to you, the home buyer, through an official Paranormal Inspection Report, which you can find on any listing’s document vault on our website. If an inspector does encounter any unwanted paranormal activity in a home, the space in question will be properly cleansed for the buyer’s peace of mind.

You can view the full Paranormal Inspection Report for any of our home listings (and all other inspection reports) at

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