So you’re looking to buy a home. Surely everyone you know—from your banker to your co-worker’s second cousin who’s in the construction business—has warned you about the trials you are in for: time-consuming house tours, complicated negotiations, potential hidden structural problems and stressful bidding wars.

But what if it didn’t have to be so hard? What if you could open the front door for a house tour with an app on your phone instead of scheduling a showing in advance with a high-pressure agent? What if the listing price was the actual price? What if the home was freshly renovated and the quality of the work was guaranteed?

No more “what ifs”: This is Bungalo.

Bungalo delivers high-quality, move-in ready homes—a seamless experience, all under one roof. It’s the way homebuying should be. But how, exactly, does Bungalo do it? Let’s take a tour through Bungalo’s renovation process.

Step 1: Becoming a Bungalo

Bungalo currently renovates homes in five cities (Dallas-Forth Worth, Tampa, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta) and is rapidly expanding to more. While the style of the homes can differ from city to city, you can expect the same quality and modern finishes no matter where you find a Bungalo home.

And all that quality begins with the homes Bungalo renovates.

“We avoid homes that have major cast-iron plumbing that would need to be redone, and homes that have deferred maintenance that would require extensive structural repairs,” says Bryan Ashley, Head of Field Operations at Bungalo. 

Indeed, Bungalo’s dedication to quality is the first thing on Ashley’s mind. Once he and his team identifies a home, Bungalo’s design and construction teams develop a statement of work to plot the entire renovation. Bungalo’s highly skilled renovation teams then take over and work their repairing and beautifying magic.

Renovated Homes | Bungalo

Step 2: Quality from Fastener to Fixture (and The Blue Door)

Not only is Bungalo dedicated to quality in each renovation, “design is a huge part of what we do,” says Ashley. “We have an aesthetic standard that includes wide-plank floors throughout the house, no carpet in the family rooms or dining areas. We run our flooring from front-to-back in the home, which gives it a very modern feel.”

The materials match the design in quality, too: quartz on all countertops, white Shaker cabinets across all rooms, and top-quality light fixtures from West Elm and Pottery Barn. And the exterior of a Bungalo home is just as well-cared-for: The yard is manicured, and any decks and pathways that need repairs are brought up to snuff.

Finally, Ashley explains, “We use the same blue front door on each home, so when people drive by and they see the door, they know that it’s a Bungalo: A certified, high-quality, modern home.”

Homes as move-in ready as you are.

Every Bungalo home is freshly renovated to Bungalo Certified™ standards, so you don’t have to lift a finger after move-in. Learn more about the trusted quality behind our homes.

Step 3: Transparency From Start to Finish

The last step before the home hits the market? Bungalo’s 160-point inspection.

Ryan Wall, Bungalo’s Tampa Field Coordinator, explains what he looks for when completing the 160-point checklist at the end of any Bungalo renovation: “It’s a very practical check of all the things that a buyer is going to see and use every day in the house. In every room I check multiple things: I look at flooring, I check everything from paint condition on the wall to whether all the outlets are working, to whether any light bulbs are burned out.”

Wall says Bungalo makes the necessary repairs to all those little things he might find, but also to big systems like a home’s HVAC unit. The goal? Remove all of the headaches so you never have them.

And it’s not just the 160-point inspection that promises a top-notch renovation. Bungalo hires a third-party inspector to do a whole-home inspection report, with any deficiencies repaired or replaced by Bungalo. Buyers get full transparency: the inspection report and repair records accompany each listing online.

Not convinced? Bungalo’s Quality of Craftsmanship Guarantee will put your mind at ease that all details have been attended to. Buyers have 30 days to report any structural, systemic or cosmetic problems, and Bungalo will repair, replace or compensate buyers for any covered condition.

“We really strive to make home ownership easy and cost-effective for our buyers and eliminate the stress of repairs,” says Ashley.

Tour any Bungalo home on your schedule, any time 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. Unlock home access.

Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel

Laura Vogel is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Hudson Valley, but she keeps finding her way back to NYC. She has written for Condé Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and Real Simple, among many other fine publications.

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