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In the world of mortgages, it’s normal to feel like you’re lost in a sea of confusing acronyms and bank-ish lingo. And since securing the right mortgage isn’t exactly something you want to “wing,” it’s a really good idea to head off your biggest questions at the pass. Let’s clear up some of the most
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Okay, let’s clear something up. Sure, there was a time in pretty recent history that you could only buy a home if you were able to put a 20% down payment or more on that home (sounds like a lot of dough, no?). But today, with government-assisted, first-time home buyer programs and historically low interest
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Just because you’re buying a home for the first time doesn’t mean it has to be confusing and stressful. Stick to our timeline and cruise through the home buying experience without any surprises. 6-12 Months From Move-In Day Build your wishlist. Put together a thorough list of your must-have features and conveniences, your nice-to-haves, and
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From the very start of their relationship, Brenna Thomas and her husband, Bill Lundquist, knew their life together would definitely include a few must-haves: dogs, international travel, and—as soon as they could afford one—a home of their own. “We both love domestic pursuits like cooking, gardening, and tons of flea-market-inspired DIY projects,” Thomas says, with
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Anytime you invest in a big ticket item — a flat screen TV, power tools, jewelry — you tend to hang on to your receipt, right? You know, just in case you need to show proof of purchase later on. So it makes sense that when you buy a home, you’d also want a receipt
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Buying a house is one of the biggest leaps you’ll take in your lifetime. And financially, that leap can feel giant. But with the large sum comes a home: A place that’s all yours, a place where your hopes and dreams are finally realized, and a sense of ease no price tag can take away.
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Along the traditional home-buying journey, there are a lot of hurdles between you and your dream home. Hurdle 1? Inventory. According to reports, housing inventory in 2018 was lower than 2017 across the U.S. And while some predict inventory will rise in 2019, the growth is focused on homes with out-of-reach listing prices. At Bungalo,